Limited Tokyo SG1

Just like every year our Princess Sportsgear limited sticks are striking and bold! This Tokyo stick is a small wink to the biggest sports event in the world soon to come. But it's not only the design that counts, the mould is just as important. The Princess Sportsgear SG2 mould is designed for the player who wants maximum ball control. The maximum curve makes the stick ideal for pushing and scooping. The sand finish on the curl ensures more grip on the ball. The stick has a striking modern look thanks to the deep matte colour.

Product specifications

SKU 8718448060723
Collection 2019-2020
Level Senior
Carbon (%) 20 (3 Star)
Type Stick Mid bow stick
Colour White
Stick length (inch) 36,5 "
Accessoires N/A
Tassen N/A