As you can see in our collection, Princess Sportsgear has 6 different moulds and 7 different ‘stars’. Below, you will find all the information about the stiffnes, the curves, the curve locations and the stick lengths which helps you in choosing the perfect stick.




Princess Sportsgear indicates the stiffness of the sticks by using ‘stars’. The higher the number of star, the higher the percentage of carbon is used in the stick. The number of stars (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) are indicated on the outside of the stick. The higher the percentage of carbon, the stiffer the stick. This means that you have more striking power with the stick. The sticks are of high quality, particularly because they are made of Japanese carbon (Toray).




A flexible stick ensures optimal ball control. Flexible sticks contain less carbon and more fiberglass. A disadvantage of a flexible stick can be that you lose some strength when striking the ball. However, this is no problem for the technical player.

Youth sticks are often flexible, ideal to learn the techniques.

Princess Sportsgear has two flexible sticks in its collection. The two star contains 10% carbon and is the most flexible stick in the Princess Sportsgear collection. The 3 star contains 20% carbon.


A stiff stick has another construction material than a flexible stick. A stiff stick has less flexibility. This gives the ball more speed. Stiff sticks consists of many carbon.

Princess Sportsgear has two stiff sticks in its collection; the 7 star and 6 star. The 6 star is made of 80% carbon. With 100% carbon, the 7 star is the stiffest stick in our collection.




You cannot decide between a flexible and stiff stick? Then the allround stick is perfect for you!


The 4 star (40% carbon) and 5 star (60% carbon) are having the right balance between flexibility and stiffness.








The Curve


In addition to the stiffness of the stick, each stick also has a certain curvature, which is indicated in millimetres (mm). This curvature is between 16 and 25 mm. According to the official regulations, 25 mm is the maximum curvature. The greater the curvature, the more speed you can give to the (drag) push.

Generally the technical players use a stick with a large curvature. Princess Sportsgear has in its product range 3 sticks with (almost) the maximum curvature. Both mould 2 as mould 5 and mould 9 have a curvature of 24.75 mm.

Mould 1 has a curvature of 24 mm and is an ideal stick for the allround player.

Just started playing hockey? Then choose a stick with a minimal curvature, between 16 mm and 22 mm. These sticks provide more power. In this case, mould 3 and mould 4 are perfect for you.







The Curve Location

Princess Sportsgear shows, by an image, where the bend in the stick is.

The curve is the point location, measured from the curl, in which the curvature of the stick is used. A novice player can choose the best for a stick where the curvature is in the middle of the stick (30 cm of the curl).

Are you looking for a stick that is suitable for high balls (the scoop), then it is best to choose a stick where the curvature is at the bottom of the stick.











Stick Length

The table below shows you the length of the stick in relation to the length of a child. The stick lengths are indicated in inches.

The correct length of the stick is very important for children. It is very difficult to control the technique, when you play with a stick which is too long.


Body length

Stick length

127-132   cm


132-137   cm


137-142   cm


124-147   cm


147-154   cm


154-162   cm


162 cm   +



36.5 Inch is the most common length for seniors. The 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 star are available in this size. In addition, Princess Sportsgear also offers a longer stick (the 4 star and 7 star). More and more top players, especially defenders, choose a stick of 37.5 inches.

Measuring the right stick size:


Step 1: Stand up straight
Step 2: Place the stick from the ground up at your sides
Step 3: The stick should absolutely not come above your belly button. Several inches below your belly button is no problem.










 Which stick suits my playing style the best?


Novice player

For an inexperienced hockey player it's advisable to start with a standard hockey stick. It is best to choose a minimum curvature, with a curve location about 300 mm and an allround of flexible stick. When purchasing a senior stick, it's important to pay attention to the specification of the stick.

Scoop and drag push 

If you have more experience and if you often use the scoop and drag pushes, it is best to choose a stick with a maximum curvature and a low curve location. In this way you can easily get under the ball.


Defending and hitting hard

Are you a defender? And you often get a long pass? Then a stiff stick is perfect for you. It is advisable to choose a minimum curvature and an average curve location of about 300 mm.



Game distributor and push

Are you a real technical player? Then a flexible stick is perfect for you. With a flexible stick you can create optimal ball control. A maximum curvature of 25 mm ensures the technical player for extra control. An average curve location of 300 mm makes it your ideal stick!  


Download: Princess Sportsgear Mould Description